GOOSENECK GRIPPER: For the Household DIY Handyman

The simple solution to a common plumbing problem is here, and it proves that there’s a little bit of a DIY handyman in all of us.

It’s common for homeowners to encounter the occasional household appliance that’s lagging or not running as efficiently as it’s supposed to-sometimes leading to the appliance to stop working completely. Sure, it’ll be ok to go a week without the dishwasher or a stove burner for a few days–the family would hardly notice. But when it comes to the appliances that household needs on a daily basis, its important to take care of those issues right away.

If you’re a handy homeowner, you would probably think nothing of it to assess the problem and take care of it yourself-because you’re used to tightening up a screw here and replacing a part there, without a problem. But what if the problem goes beyond the simple little adjustments that your set of tools just can’t handle-or what if you’re not a handy homeowner at all, in the first place?

And what if the problem is a specific one; like a broken shower pipe, or a broken shower nipple that’s stuck inside the broken shower elbow? Most homeowners haven’t even heard of those parts of the showerhead before. When specific problems arise that concern your home’s shower plumbing, some homeowners might get discouraged, let the pressure get to them, and call up a professional to take care of the situation.

Those days are over

This is the Gooseneck Gripper; and it’s the only tool you’ll need to take care of those specific problems with your shower head.

The Gooseneck Gripper was specifically engineered to reach into the tight constraints of a broken shower elbow and remove the old or broken shower pipes without causing further damaging the elbow and other pipes. There are broken pipe extractors out there, but they are known to either bottom out before removing the broken shower nipple, or not even fit at all. Most broken shower nipple extractors require at least some plumbing knowledge, but the Gooseneck Gripper is for the DIY handyman. That means anyone with this specific problem can safely and easily take care of the job themselves, without hiring an overpriced professional that will prolong the process.

The most common ways of extracting broken shower arms are not very effective. They can get complicated and cause more damage to your plumbing. Why risk creating more damage to the plumbing when the Gooseneck Gripper is so easy to use? There are a lot of “How to” questions floating around all over the internet, asking how they can remove a broken shower head nipple or how to remove a shower pipe nipple. The Gooseneck Gripper is the answer to both of those questions, and is almost surprisingly safe and easy to use.

What causes a broken shower arm, elbow, and nipple?

Most DIY handymen who are non-plumbers, may not realize that the threaded nipple that screws into the copper piping inside the wall, is the weakest part of the shower head’s piping. Readjusting the shower head over the years can play a role in the wear and tear of the shower’s piping. Over the years, sometimes as long as decades, the water (well, or publicly sourced) that contains various corrosive materials, pass through the structure’s pipes to get to the shower head and arm. This eventually wears it down, erodes, and causes the nipple to weaken, and finally snap. When the shower head eventually snaps off, it is likely to break inside the wall, causing water to leak internally.

With the Gooseneck Gripper, anyone can be a household DIY handyman. So if you’re having problems with broken pipes in your shower head, and it looks like a something your ordinary tools aren’t cut out for, you’ll be glad you have the Gooseneck Gripper in your tool collection-to make sure the whole household isn’t slowed down by a broken appliance. Keep the inconvenience of hiring on a professional plumber in the past, and check what others have to say(link to testimonials) about the Gooseneck Gripper, and order yours here(link to buy now).