Broken Shower Nipple Extractor: A Specific Tool To A Specific Problem

 Specific problems call for specific solutions; here is why the Gooseneck Gripper is the DIY handyman’s best friend, and the only broken nipple extractor you’ll ever need.
Not every homeowner is a plumber—some homeowners can’t even take care of a clogged toilet. So why would anyone expect for the average homeowner to know all the parts of their shower’s piping system—let alone, know how to repair them?
What non-plumbers may not realize; is that the weakest part of the showerhead is the threaded nipple that screws into the copper piping, installed behind the wall. Over the years, the shower nipple endures wear and tear from constant readjusting and continuous flow of corrosive-material-infused water (well water or publicly sourced), passing through the structure’s pipes running through to the showerhead and arm. Eventually, all the pipes wear down, erode, and cause the shower nipple to weaken, and finally snap. When the shower nipple eventually snaps off, it is likely to break inside the wall, causing an internal water leak, resulting in expensive water damage.
Not the kind of problem you’re used to running into, right? That’s why the Gooseneck Gripper is here!
Sure, the experienced DIY homeowner would go about this situation by opening up the toolbox, and seeing what kind of solution he can come up with. The average non-DIY homeowner might not have any idea what to do when he opens up his toolbox—that is why the Gooseneck Gripper is the perfect, problem-based tool for a very specific plumbing problem.
If you’re not a true DIY handyman, you’re probably not going to pile all your tools together and come up with an effective solution. But thanks to the Gooseneck gripper, now any homeowner can be the resident handyman—without the help of a professional plumber.

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