Broken Shower Arm Nipple Extractor

Introducing an easy fix to a complicated shower problem.

We’ve all been there before; forced to deal with household appliances that break or stop performing effectively. Whether the problem is in the kitchen, bathroom, garage, or basement, some homeowners approach the situation with confidence, a toolbox, a flashlight, and not a single clue in the world about how to fix the problem–and it’s rarely as easy a fix as you thought it would be.

Unfortunately, this approach often adds to the original problem and leads to calling up a professional, requesting them to fix this or replace that. But when it comes to a broken shower arm, Gooseneck Gripper is the perfect tool for the resident DIY handyman to get the job done on their own.

This kind of problem may seem like an easy fix for someone with plumbing experience. But if fixing a broken shower arm is taken with the wrong approach, it could easily turn into a larger problem than it should have. If your broken shower arm problem isn’t addressed correctly, you’ll find yourself calling in more professionals to remove more piping–which could lead to removing shower tiles, breaking through the wall, and adding more pipe work that was originally required. That sounds like a lot of work, time, and money spent just to remove a broken piece of piping from the shower arm.

How does it work?

The Gooseneck Gripper works in just three easy steps. First, insert the Gooseneck Gripper into the shower elbow–until you feel it tightly engaging with the grooves. Next, turn the gripper counter-clockwise a few times until the broken-off nipple comes out on the end of the Gooseneck Gripper. Once the broken piece is removed from inside the shower elbow, clean off the shower thread, to prepare it for a replacement.

WARNING: Please, try this at home!

The Gooseneck Gripper was specifically designed for homeowners to take care of this problem on their own. This simple, but impressive tool can fit inside the tightest constraints of a broken shower arm or shower elbow, without creating further damage. For the DIY specialist, the Gooseneck Gripper creates a new way for the resident handyman to extract the broken shower arm nipple from the pipe, without causing any further damage to the rest of the piping.

Why choose the Gooseneck Gripper?

The Gooseneck Gripper is one of the most reliable, DIY-friendly tools a handyman could have in the toolbox. Since it is so DIY-friendly, homeowners, property managers, and maintenance professionals are happy to save the hundreds of dollars it takes to hire plumbers, and everyone else who would need to get involved with the piping and tile removing/repair process.

The Gooseneck Gripper is Made from hardened cast steel, making it an incredibly durable tool. And as a local product, 100% forged here in Lancaster, PA, this is one broken nipple extractor that you can expect to last.

What causes a broken shower arm, elbow, and nipple?

What most non-plumbers may not realize, is that the threaded nipple that screws into the copper piping inside the wall, is the weakest part of the shower head’s piping. Readjusting the shower head over the years can play a role in the wear and tear of the shower’s piping. Over the years, sometimes as long as decades, the water (well, or publicly sourced) that contains various corrosive materials, pass through the structure’s pipes to get to the shower head and arm. This eventually wears it down, erodes, and causes the nipple to weaken, and finally snap. When the shower head eventually snaps off, it is likely to break inside the wall, causing water to leak internally.

Once the shower head and arm problem is identified, all you’ll need to do is keep calm, reach for your Gooseneck Gripper, remove the broken piece, clean the threads, and install the new pipe. With the Gooseneck Gripper in your toolbox, a broken shower arm, elbow, or nipple is just another DIY fix-it project that any handy, or non-handyman can fix themselves. As the smart approach to a complicated (and sometimes expensive) shower problem, this easy-to-use tool encourages homeowners to take matters in their own hands with confidence. The Gooseneck Gripper is small enough to fit inside any tool box or tool belt, but as impressive as the biggest, loudest power tool in the garage. Keep the inconvenience of hiring on a professional plumber in the past, and check what others have to say (link to testimonials) about the Gooseneck Gripper, and order your BROKEN NIPPLE FIX NOW.