Gooseneck Gripper

The Broken Shower Arm Nipple Extractor

Broken Shower Arm Nipple Extractor

The Gooseneck Gripper is specifically designed to fit in the close constraints of a broken shower arm elbow without bottoming out, allowing you to extract the broken shower arm nipple without damaging the shower elbow.

Built in the USA

Forged locally in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

DIY Friendly

So easy to use; anyone can use our shower nipple extractor tool to safely and easily extract the broken shower pipe.

Saves you money

This tool can save you hundreds of dollars on a plumbing service call for a shower you can fix yourself.


The entire nipple extractor tool is hardened cast steel with a durable finish.

Ok, how do I use it in my shower?

Simply insert the gooseneck Gripper into the broken shower pipe, push in and turn counter-clockwise until the broken shower pipe nipple is extracted. It’s THAT easy!

Fix Your Broken Shower Pipe Arm with a quality nipple extractor!

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